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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The mid-night light is darkness.  It surrounds me, warm, like a blanket.  The gas heater twinkles an amber light, like tiny gnomes coaling their fire buckets.  Contentment envelops me.  

It is my birthday.  Well, it is my "assigned" birthday...I was born in Korea, right at the end of the Conflict.  Being an orphan, my true birthdate is unknown.  The American Government can do anything.  They gave me a birthday.  Hallelujah.  I have a piece of rice paper with oriental writing on it that verifies my lacking a birthdate, mother, father, etc.  A piece of paper with no facts on it.  Interesting.  A blank slate.  I'd rather have a blank check...but, wait, isn't that what Life is.  We write in the value???  

Birthday wishes are always good.  Mine are to get my feet off the brake and onto the gas pedal !!!  And to get a clear picture where in the heck I am driving to.  You'd think at 58, I'd know what it is I am going to be when I get all growed up...but, noooo...I am still hanging out in my third or fourth adolescence.  Haha...

I do want to get my Doctorate before my Life goes too much further forward.  I should have done it years ago but I didn't really have the confidence.  Now I do?  Not really but running out of time is a reality for all of us once we pass 21... 

Well, these are my Birthday Musings for 2011.  Thanks for tuning in...  Happy Birthdays to all of us !!!!

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  1. It would be nice to be your age again 58 and thinking straight. Oh well I guess I'll have to settle for 75 and thank God I'm still alive. As far as birthday muses go I can go with the flow. I was born in the back seat of a cab on my way to the birthing lab. My birth certificate was a paper sheet announcing to the world I could stand on my own two feet. You my dear are still in your prime and you'll get your doctorate you got plenty of time. Those are my thoughts, thanks for sharing yours.