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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Took A Moment

I took a moment and wrapped it in cellophane,
My window pane
Frosty from icicle wands,
I imagined tropical greenery fronds,
In lieu, 'twas but my view a bit askew...

I stole a moment and hid it in a carousel,
Almost fell
Into the horse, of course, but swell,
The Music played its first serenade
While I made up my next charade

And I am telling lies, no lies, in school or out.
What is this poem about? you pout
What moments have you stolen lately
Aggravatingly staid
Wistfully said
Marmalade and bobby socks got nothing on you
But a few
Tensidently absovently hesitently
Oblivious and dew-full
Stolen moments
Between me and you...

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