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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I heard a bird in song today

As she chirped from the blossom tree;

The peace and calm became the Day

As this near angel trilled to me.

I heard birds first in afternoon,

A short, concerting lovely tune,

And then today at brisk of dawn,

Soft farewells to the fading moon...

A quiet knowing thrilled my heart

Setting it free upon Life's wing...

I heard dear bird... she did her part

By heralding in sweet, sweet Spring...

She sang her heart, it was not long...

Her sylvan serenade was brief...

But there was something in the song,

That brought reprieve to cold and Grief.

I heard a bird in song today

As she chirped from the blossom tree.

The peace and calm became the Day

As this near angel trilled to me.


I confess I like my late night date with a certain dark-haired lawyer,

And he seems to like me as well 'cause he keeps our meetings regular,
Every night, ten thirty sharp, never ever early but rarely late,
As certain as the ticking of the clock is the starting of our date.
Of course, there's times, like most men I know, when our meeting is pre-empted,
By a basketball or a football show, no unusual circumstances.
The problem that we have is mine, not his, in this steady love affair...
You see, I have other loves and such that provide me heady fare...
There's my man at one, so handsomely done, a later-aged, gray-haired lawyer...His experience, his savoir faire, charisma and sense of humor
Entices me... and his expertise with good down-home southern cooking
Older or not, i hope to shout, the man is dang good looking...

Then there's this Cuban, a handsome human, who swings around about eleven thirty
He wears a tux with grace and ease, and his eyes are brown and flirty
He can bobaloo and who knows who has heard a softer crooner
I'd fall for him in half a whim but for the one who shows up sooner...

This one is an engineer for the space program and has three sons;
A family man, this kindly dad, a truly domesticated one
So... what, I say... cast your eyes away. You are looking at me like a doozy !
You have never had a hard time in life with picking and with choosing?
So what if my life is full? They are all good men and intelligent...
If you ask me, you wish that we were all so happily content
As me and mine, my wine and dine, my handsome dates with men
Regular as clockwork is what they say, to describe my acumen
So dearie dear, have you no fear, i'm happy, can't you see?
With my love affairs, more than women dare, who haven't got a t.v.
Oh Matlock dear, and Perry sweet, and Fred McMurray honey
Oh Rickey love and turtle doves...why, they don't even cost me money !
So before you go accusing me of being some wanton losee goosey,
Come have tea with me and happily we'll both be television floozies !!!!


A quarter. That's what I used to pay.

Per gallon, Back in high school days.

I took a snapshot on vacation, outraged

that seventy-five cents a gallon would be paid.

Oh my, please, please, please, i repent; i relent;

my last four dollars just got spent

on what i used to get for seventy-five cents !!!

This summer they say, we'll pay five bucks

We citizens are out of luck, minus pluck:

"Highway robbery?"

Quite literally!!!

p.s. I just got a coupon for gasoline...

here's a picture of it! be careful...it's quite obscene !!!